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Mobile Sales Force Automation (SalesOnMobile)

Sales professionals today need instant access to their business critical information from the corporate enterprise systems, databases and applications, while on the go, via devices like smatphones and tablets.

Making your sales force more productive and streamlining sales force processes will increase sales, increase efficiency, and decrease costs, thus creating a competitive advantage for your business.

Mobile Sales Force Automation is a key requirement for fast-growing businesses today. Hexlog Infotech's Mobile Sales Force Automation (Mobile SFA) solution addresses the needs of your mobile sales professionals by putting critical customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data in the hands of mobile sales representatives and empowers them to conduct effective field sales activity in an efficient and accurate manner.

The key features of the Mobile Sales Force Automation solution are:

Outstanding Receivables

Sales person can view outstanding receivables details of his assigned customers in the ageing buckets, drilling down to sales invoices.

Stock Inventory

Anytime, anywhere, sales person can view the stock available at his assigned depots, distribution centers and plants.

Order Fulfilment

Order fulfilment details of various items along with pending quantities can be viewed by the sales person.

Payment Collection

Salesmen can enter details of the payments collected in the Mobile SFA app. The collection details are pushed to the enterprise system.

Dealers Visits

New as well as existing dealer visits are captured using GPS to track the exact location. Sales person can enter details of the new dealer and sent for the approval.

Order History

Before booking an order at the customer site, sales person can view the previous order details of the customer along with current status.

Order Placement

While visiting dealers, sales person can book orders on the spot, after checking the pricing and stock instantly. Sales person can offer special discount and collect cheques (PDCs). The order details are made available in the enterprise system for further processing.

Offline Data sync

Various master data like sales locations, items, customers, items data are syncronised periodically with the enterprise systems. The offline transactions like order placements, collections, dealer visits are pushed later as soon as the network is available.

Sales and Collection Performance

Sales Force can view the monthly sales and collection performance in terms of targets & achievements at overall level and drill down to sales locations like zone/region/depot/area levels.

The Mobile Sales Force Automation solution is flexible and can be easily integrated into any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution for immediate and up-to-date access to business information.


Increase Productivity

Sales personnel are able to collect accurate business data from the field using smart device and send the data back to the back-office systems electronically. This reduces the administrative work and allows the sales personnel to have more time for additional customers visit, which result in additional orders.

Data Accuracy

Replacing paper with smart devices reduces double entry work and the potential for human errors in copying data from paper form to the computer through manual entry.

Operational Costs Optimization

By removing the paperwork burden, sales personnel and associated administration staff at the back-office will experience less administration costs in paperwork such as order/collection entry. The solution will also greatly reduce the number of manpower required to manage, consolidate and generate reports for management and analysis.

Better Customer Service

Almost real time transaction enables better customer service and customer satisfaction. Sales representatives have the time now to provide valuable information to the outlet owners. Sales representatives are able to suggest ways to the outlets to increase their sales.